I love stories. Whether it's a film that makes me laugh, a piece of journalism that makes me think, or an Instagram feed that inspires me, I am drawn to great storytelling in all of its forms.

And that's what I aim to achieve in my work as a content creator and digital strategist. Drawing from my experience in social media marketing, multimedia journalism, and public relations, I help people, organizations, and brands tell their story. 

A little more about me... 

I have a BA in History and English Literature from McGill University and a Master of Journalism from UBC. My journalistic work has appeared on VICE News, CBC Radio, and in various Canada Wide Media publications.  

I am currently focused on digital marketing and have worked with emerging and established companies in Canada and the US to implement their brand vision, build awareness, and engage with their target audience. 

However, I have never lost my love of journalism and am passionate about the power of documentary filmmaking. 

Outside of my professional pursuits I enjoy travelling, cooking, and reading fantasy novels (recommendations welcome!).



Twitter: @NatalieeSW

LinkedIn: Natalie Walters

Instagram: @NatWalt

Email: natalieswalters@gmail.com

Podcast obsession: Here's The ThingMore Perfect

Doc recommendation: Faces Places

Page turner: Hyperion (an oldie but a goodie)